If you have seen a bike that you want, but do not have the full funds to pay now, we can hold it for you with a deposit. The bike will be put aside for you, and we will keep at the current discount price.

You pay £20 deposit now and we will hold the bike for you until you are ready to pay (usually we hold for a max 8 weeks). Please do not worry about the safety of your £20 we are a business that has been retailing bikes since 1968. We employ over 200 people and respect our customers. Once you have the funds, you just let us know, and we will send an invoice for the balance. Once payment is received, the bike will then be dispatched to you, within 2 working days. No interest is charged, you just pay the original price. Should you want to go ahead please let us have your PayPal ID, then we will send you a PayPal invoice for £20.



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If you do not pay for the bike within 1 month of your original agreed timescale, we will reserve the right to put the bike back into stock. In this instance, you will forfeit your deposit. Should you wish to cancel the agreement, you will also forfeit your deposit, but in this instance, your deposit can be transferred on to another item.