Hidey Hood 90 Bike & Scooter Cover Tent

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The HideyHood 90 Mobility Scooter Cover is great for storing not only mobility scooters, motorbikes and bikes. It’s actually incredibly versatile – it can be used for many outdoor items including mobility scooters, bicycles, BBQ’s, motorbikes, quad bikes, garden furniture, garden toys, lawnmowers and much more.
  • Mobility Scooter Cover – Motorbike Cover – Bike shelter …

    • *Dimensions (approx): 250 cm (8 ft 2″) wide x 170 cm (5 ft 7″) high x 170 cm (5 ft 7″) deep.
    • Quick and easy to assemble – multiple fixing points for a totally secure and windproof installation
    • Simple “lift -up, drop down” access
    • Your instant storage solution – pick one up and take it home today
    • Folds up against the wall when not in use
    • Unique dome shape allows rain to simply run off
    • Integral awning to prevent rain pooling in the pleats when folded open
    • Elasticated loops & eyelets for pegging down
    • Strong, light & flexible fibreglass framework
    • Suitable for walls and fences as low as 115 cm (3 feet, 5½”)
    • Fixing kit included – **screws, wall plugs, guy lines and pegs
    • Manufactured using a tough Polyurethane (PU) coated 210D Oxford polyester fabric with a hydro-static head of 1500 mm
    • Retail/Mail order packaged – weighs approx 4 kg (9 lbs): pack dimensions 51 cm (20″) x 31 cm (12″) x 8 cm (3″)

    *Note: check that you have at least 2.5 metres (8 ft 2″) of available wall or fence space before purchasing. Product returns will not be accepted if you purchase this product and subsequently find it’s too big!

    **Note: screws provided are one-way anti-theft security screws. These are to prevent theft of your HideyHood 90. Once tightened they create a permanent fixing (to remove them you will have to chisel the heads off – you have been warned!). If you are less concerned about the security of the product, please feel free to use your own normal screws instead.
    Bike Storage Solution - The HideyHood 90

    Dimensions (approx.):

    • Height: 1.7 m (67″) (5 feet, 7″)
    • Width: 2.5 m (98 ½”) (8 feet, 2½”)
    • Depth: 1.7 m (67″) (5 feet, 7″)

    Here’s another “I wish I’d thought of it” product to go with the innovative range of storage solutions from Cave Innovations. The motivation behind HideyHood 90º was to provide a cost effective and easy to use outside storage solution. As the list of possible uses grew so did the product… quite literally.

    The HideyHood 90º now stands 1.7 metres (5 feet, 7″) high, the same front to back and 2.5 metres (8 feet, 2½”) wide. It’s great value, straight forward to assemble, easy to open or close and extraordinarily versatile

    The integral rain awning helps hold it up, out of the way and prevents rain build up in the folds, which in turn saves you from a soaking when you close your HideyHood ® after a rainstorm.

    Massive capacity, perfect outdoor storage for so many things including:

    • Mobility scooters
    • Bicycles (takes 5 full sized bikes – no problem! )
    • Barbeques
    • Motorbikes, motor scooters and mopeds
    • Garden furniture, tables, chairs and sun-loungers
    • Kids outdoor toys, bikes and scooters
    • Patio & Pool items
    • Ride-on mowers and mini garden tractors
    • Lawnmowers and rotovators
    • Garden tools and wheelbarrows
    • Prams, pushchairs and buggies or strollers
    • Wheelie bins and dustbins
    • Trikes
    • Logs

    Easy to Assemble

    Quick and easy to assemble. Just slide the five fibreglass poles through the sleeves and insert the steel D-Ring “hinge pins” into the ends of the rods at either end. The eyelets / grommets around the back secure your HideyHood® 90º to the fence, wall or shed.

    The clever rear windblock panel has a horizontal row of five brass fixing eyelets along the lower edge. This allows you to use a Hideyhood® 90º on fences or walls as low as 115 cm (3 feet, 5½”). Wall plugs and screws are included.

    The Hidey Hood 90 mobility scooter cover has big smooth curves, which encourage rain and snow to run off. The front of the HideyHood® 90º simply lifts up to provide full, instant access. Toggle and loop straps let you fold it up and fix it, out of the way when not in use. There are seven pegging loops, so if you site your HideyHood® 90º on soft ground, you can use the pegs (metal stakes) provided to fix it down. In practice, however, the weight of the hood holds it down sufficiently and it doesn’t generally tend to lift, even in the wind. This clever mobility scooter cover can be packed away in minutes when not required and you can take it with you when you move.

    Additional Security

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    Concerned about security? For additional peace of mind you might want to consider the optional Anka Point security bracket. Fix your Anka Point to the wall with the special “one way” anti-theft security screws provided and use a chain or bike lock to keep things safe inside your HideyHood® 90º.

    Bicycle Lock Secured with Anka Point
    Secure your bikes, motorbikes, scooter etc. with Anka Point to a wall or fence through the rear of your HideyHood or Bike Cave.

    HideyHood 90 Folding Mobility Scooter Motorbike Cover Specifications

    HideyHood® 90º is manufactured using a tough Polyurethane (PU) coated 210D Oxford polyester fabric with a hydro-static head of 1500 mm. PU tape on all the seams helps keep out the rain. The poles are strong, light and flexible fibreglass.

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    HideyHood 90 Motorbike, Scooter and Moped Shelter CoverHideyHood 90 easily covers a moped or scooter!


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